General Counsel

We are proud to offer a wide array of legal services, with an emphasis on being smart-minded and effective. 

We can be either the peacemaker or the pit bull in getting you the answers to a legal issue that you or your small business may be facing.  For example, we can help you navigate an insurance claim, and be the foreperson to handle matters relating to the business of insurance.  Need to get an answer from a local or state agency regarding a municipal matter that has been looming over you? We can do so, reaching out with a tailored, well-written letter or email to get you the needed attention and immediate response.

Our real estate practice includes representing purchasers and sellers in residential real estate transactions in the area. Let us represent you in the purchase or sale of your home in Northern Westchester.

As your boutique counsel in this regard, we can also tailor our legal fee structure through affordable, flat-fee rates rather than the billable hour.  This takes the worry out of being billed for every phone call, text or email.  In an all-inclusive flat rate, your attention can be on us acting as your advisor on your legal matter, not your legal invoices.  

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Featured Services

  • Your Neighborhood Counsel
  • Residential Real Estate Transactions
  • Business Law & Civil Litigation

Estate Planning

Let us assist you in the planning for the future.  Are you a young family? Building a plan today can help save yourself and those you love unnecessary difficulties in the future.  Your estate plan is unique to you and can be as simple or complex as you desire.  At the very least, it should include a Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament if nothing else.  

There are other estate planning vehicles that can be used such as, for example trusts.  There are different kinds of trusts that are intended to perform different functions, but the most basic trust holds assets and property assigned to it for distribution to your beneficiaries upon your passing. One of the main reasons people choose trusts is because they can avoid probate by quickly distributing the assets in trust to beneficiaries. A trustee is needed to administer the trust, but in most cases, this can be a less timely and costly process than undergoing probate.

Schedule a meeting today so we can go over and come up with an estate plan suitable for your needs and that of your family.

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Featured Services

  • Young Families planning for the future
  • Family Members looking to Plan their Estate


Our firm can assist you in dealing with the legal matters involved after a loved one passes away. 

Handling the affairs and carrying out your loved one’s wishes as expressed through a Last Will and Testament (“Will”) is something we can take care of at a most difficult time.  

In New York, when a person dies with a Will, the Will must go through a legal process called probate. 

A Will is used to pass assets that are titled in the name of the decedent alone, without any beneficiary designation. 

This is the process used by the specialty court here in New York, called the Surrogate’s Court, to ensure that the terms of the Will are carried out, any creditors of the estate are paid, and any assets held in the decedent’s name alone go the named beneficiaries under the Will.  When a person dies with a Will, going through the probate is a legal requirement most of the time, so you do not often have a choice. 

Estate Administration

Similarly, if someone passed away without a Will, beginning an administration proceeding in court may also be required. 

The administration proceeding in the event your loved one did not have a Will, allows you to gain the needed authority to carry out the administrative items of the estate, pass assets, and transfer any property held by the decedent.  

You do not have to do all of this on your own. Our firm can answer your questions and represent you through the entire probate and administration process.

Similarly, if you have been designated as the executor of your loved one’s estate, you will need to handle the administration of that estate.  We can advise and counsel you as to your obligations as an executor, and streamline the process for you according to the letter of the law. 

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Featured Services

  • Probate & Estate Administration
  • Trust and Estate Litigation

Motion and Appellate Practice Counsel

Are you an attorney looking for dedicated and detailed counsel to assist with your firm’s motion or appellate practice? 

Are you an individual or business seeking a dependable attorney to challenge or defend a court order that affects you? 

Our firm can serve these needs for you.  We strive to capture the attention of your adversary or the court from the moment our papers reach their desk, or computer. We are also happy to provide support to other lawyers, by proofreading and providing feedback on dispositive motions and appellate briefs

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Featured Services

  • Small Firm in need of Motion work
  • Seeking to Take an Appeal